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B.C. Day Weekend
Summer Fun in the Sun!
Aug 3rd, 4th, 5th


Donate your gift of time.
Come have fun with the TOOB Team
while working under the 'TOOB SPOT'. 

To participate, simply click here  or
contact an event co-ordinator
Dave Bliss at, (604) 874 9594
David Fredricksen at,(778) 887 1757

The community is invited to come out to this
annual summer fun event.

For full details on how to participate, schedules of
what's on and when it's on, go to

TOOB is at Sunfest

The process of planning, organizing and purchasing supplies for Sunfest is well underway.  Sunfest is TOOB's largest fund-raiser with scheduling of volunteers being the greatest challenge for this event.

 Prior Day One
... all alone but not for long ...

Sunfest 2024 - Day One

(pictures showing 'as it happened' at the 'TOOB SPOT' last year)
Setup team arrives to remove equipment from the trailer. The team works together to ensure that each tent, grill and frier is safely locked in place. 

Once positioned, the grill and friers then need to
be hooked up and 'fired up'.

Once the tents and equipment are setup, the preparatory stage begins. Volunteers remove supplies from the trailer. Signs are put up. Cooking utensils and supplies are placed on tables.  Food items and beverages are placed in coolers. Volunteers work together to ensure that TOOB team will be ready to serve at the start time.

Some Good News for TOOB at Sunfest 2024

With grant funds received from a federal governmentally funded program, the New Horizons for Seniors Program, TOOB's purchase included two items which will be put to full use at Sunfest 2024.

a) TOOB purchased a new large commercial grill. For many years the Knights of Columbus have allowed us to use their grill, primarily due to the dual membership in KofC and TOOB of Dave Bliss.  We now have our own grill.

b) TOOB purchased a third deep fryer. The new deep frier has more power so it heats the oil more quickly.  This newer fryer will serve us well at all events, but will be particularly helpful on Sun Festival Monday, when we encounter long lineups for our famous and delicious curly fries.

The fun at each event begins once the
TOOB team is ready to serve. 

Not a member yet?
Take action and join the TOOB team.

The Sunfest event requires two shifts for Saturday and Sunday; three shifts for Monday.  This results in the need to setup 7 teams to cover the 7 required shifts.

  • Each shift requires a minimum of 6 people.  However, Sunfest is the busiest on Monday and the scheduling needs for Monday alone are for a total of 31 volunteers in order to best serve TOOB customers on BC Day.

  • This means that over the 3 days, Sunfest has a need for a large recruitment of 50 or more to volunteer under the TOOB SPOT. 

  • If scheduling results in a shortage of volunteers, we rely on the 'stations' being filled by members that are capable of doing two or more shifts.

  • Assignment of duties includes grilling, frying, serving, hosting, runner,  setting up and taking down. 

Members, please respond when you receive a CALL TO ACTION.

Facts about
TOOB's Curly Fries

  • over 600 orders of curly fries were sold at last year's Sunfest

  • Lovers of curly fries believe it's a  'must have' item from TOOB's menu

  • we've been told 'it's worth the wait'

Volunteering with TOOB

Successful fundraising events enable TOOB to make donations 
to individuals and service organizations
in the community of South Delta. 
It's a great way to give back to your community and we believe
your "gift of time" will also make you proud to be a TOOB.

Contact us at by clicking here or contact
Dave Bliss at, (604) 874 9594 or
David Fredricksen at,(778) 887 1757